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Warehousing facilities provided by Priority Synergy are extensive, including general warehouse space, vehicle yard and space within the Port premises known as a Container Freight Station (CFS). Value-added services extend to Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI) and kitting, as well as enhanced security.

Priority Synergy is accorded access to the Group’s warehouse facilities in Penang, the island’s largest. Within the premises, clients enjoy the benefits of air-conditioned space, an extra low-temperature room, a computerised inventory tracking system and round-the-clock security.


In Addition, the CFS which features a warehouse operating within the Port premises offers a distinctive advantage. The port premises are gazetted as a Free Zone (FZ), coming under the jurisdiction of the Zone Authority instead of the Customs Authority, and deemed as a zone “outside of Malaysia”. This brings with it distinctive advantages to our clients.

Warehousing facilities include:

  1. Ambient

  2. Air-Conditioned

  3. Cold Room

  4. Controlled Temperature

  5. Extensive Capacity

  6. Integrated Stock Card Management

  7. Auto Logistics Yard

  8. Container Freight Station (CFS)

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