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Sharing: Container Damage Claim from Liner

Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to share with you on the measures to be taken to facilitate / improve claim management for container damages issue. 1) Empty container, showing condition of the container prior to stuffing, internal, external and underside.

2) Laden container, after stuffing. 1 photo with full view of the laden container and another with 1 door closed, showing the container number. For your information, most of the importers were unable to provide proof on the condition of the empty container released to the shipper and ended up paying for the damages. Henceforth, to protect your interest, we suggest instruction be given to your supplier (shipper) to snap photos and email same to you. Our suggestion on photos as follows: Damages to the underside of the container:-

Soiled and Chipped Floor Board:-

Damages to the inside of the container, dent / rust / glue stains:-

If the empty container is received in “damaged” condition, we suggest that the shipper put the liner on officially notice on the “damages” and provide this record to you, the importer to reject damage claim if any. Due to the shortage of containers, shipper will accept container that is in less ideal condition as long as the container is sea worthy especially if the container condition will not cause damages to their goods, this being the main reason on high damage claim from liner at destination to importer.

Do get in touch with our Customer Service personnel should you need any clarifications.

Thanks & regards,

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